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Team Hope Shoe box Appeal

Christmas Shoe Box Appeal helping vulnerable children overseas.

You can make a difference. Every year, with your help, the Christmas Shoebox Appeal sends thousand of gift-filled shoeboxes to children in Eastern Europe and Africa. The children who receive your shoeboxes are affected by poverty in different ways. Many come from families with very little income, others liveon the margins of society or in areas affected by conflict. Shoeboxes are given based on need alone and bring joy and excitement to children living in often very difficult situations. To read some stories of the amazing difference you can make please visit www.teamhope.it. It’s easy for everyone to get involved.

Forms are available from Askea Parish Community Centre.  Boxes will continue to be accepted after the closing date on the form and up until the end of November.

Boxes can be returned to Askea Parish Community Centre to be collected by the local organising team.

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